The Creative Process during rehearsal

We love playing for our crowds, and to quote Jeff “we play for free, we just charge to haul our gear back and forth!” But we still get together between gigs. Great opportunity to keep the rust off the classics, try out new tunes, and enjoy a frosty cold beverage with a few friends who love Rock and Roll.

So last Saturday we got together and set up our gear. Worked through a few tunes and were feeling good. Eric played a lick with his left hand that sounded a lot like Feelin’ Alright. “Hey that sounded cool” said Jeff. Bob chimed in “We could do that song!” A few minutes later we found the chords online, printed a few copies and ran through it. It takes a few times through to lock down the flow of the song, work out the changes, and fine-tune any harmonies in the chorus. The first time through is a little rough, but Feelin’ Alright was smooth from the start. We ran through it a few times, with both Jeff and Eric taking a solo on the last run-through. It’s now a staple in our set list, and we expect to pull it out at DeSha’s in a few weeks.

It’s amazing to think we’ve been playing together since 2007. Next year will be our tenth year as More Cowbell. It might be time for some black concert T-shirts, and a wider tour!