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What a blast! We LOVE Firehouse Grill

MCB Firehouse 7-31

Beautiful night, great crowd, rockin tunes. What else could you ask for? A great venue, you might say? Mission Accomplished! Firehouse delivered tonight! We had a blast.

What started as a simple sound check turned into a bit of engineering wizardry as we quickly realized Bob was in trouble. His bass drum kick was damaged, so we patched in some tunes from a smart phone to the mixer and solved the problem. How many musicians does it take to fix a drum pedal? THREE. Cut it out. We know. It was not easy. But we got it done!

A fresh connection for the spring to connect to the drum kick, and we were back in business. We hit some Grateful Dead, REM, Eagles, and Decemberists. Then we pulled out some Nancy Sinatra (“These Boots are Made for Walkin‘”), the Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show, and of course, “Phantom Limb” by The Shins.

Join us next Friday at DeSha’s to get your groove on. We’ll be inside, but the windows will be open! Look forward to seeing you there.

More Cowbell



Thanks to the Firehouse Grill crowd!

MCB Firehouse Grill 6-17-2016

We had an awesome night – great crowd, great weather, and of course, great tunes! THANKS to all who came out to hear More Cowbell at Firehouse Grill on Friday!

It was standing room only on the patio. What a rush to see such a cool crowd, which is saying something. It wasn’t easy to stay cool with the late afternoon sun hitting us from across the lake.

The rockin’ was so hot (ok maybe it was the sun), one speaker showed a blinking light that said ‘Thermal’ and stopped working for a while. Thanks to Kelly for a sweater to shield the sun. Jeff immediately christened it a “Speaker Sweater” and things cooled down and it came back to life!

The cowbell got some great action from the guest cowbell players, and the dancers came out in force. Always great to see dancing in front of the stage. All ages represented, taking a turn to their favorite song.

We played the hits, the usuals, and took a fun trip through some classics like The Weight, Low Spark, Dixie Chicken, Uncle John’s Band, Take it Easy, and The Boxer. Since our last gig we worked up It’s all over now Baby Blue, and Hey There Delilah and pulled those fresh tunes out to add to the set list.

It’s a band rule that if somebody shouts Freebird! we need to close with it. It happened, and we did. We wrapped up around 10:15, and cries for Encore! yielded one last tune. Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, which will have you humming in the car on your way home… 😉

Bob’s drums were dead-on, Jeff was nailing vocals, and Eric’s keys were teasing the melodies. We always have a great time, and look forward to the next gig at Firehouse!  See you at the end of July, and catch us again at DeSha’s this fall. Have a great summer, and rock on!


The Creative Process during rehearsal

We love playing for our crowds, and to quote Jeff “we play for free, we just charge to haul our gear back and forth!” But we still get together between gigs. Great opportunity to keep the rust off the classics, try out new tunes, and enjoy a frosty cold beverage with a few friends who love Rock and Roll.

So last Saturday we got together and set up our gear. Worked through a few tunes and were feeling good. Eric played a lick with his left hand that sounded a lot like Feelin’ Alright. “Hey that sounded cool” said Jeff. Bob chimed in “We could do that song!” A few minutes later we found the chords online, printed a few copies and ran through it. It takes a few times through to lock down the flow of the song, work out the changes, and fine-tune any harmonies in the chorus. The first time through is a little rough, but Feelin’ Alright was smooth from the start. We ran through it a few times, with both Jeff and Eric taking a solo on the last run-through. It’s now a staple in our set list, and we expect to pull it out at DeSha’s in a few weeks.

It’s amazing to think we’ve been playing together since 2007. Next year will be our tenth year as More Cowbell. It might be time for some black concert T-shirts, and a wider tour!


New site for More Cowbell

Hey everybody, we upgraded to a new platform. I realized that our web site was probably listed on the historic register of old music domains. Believe the last update was around 2009. Hey, welcome to 2016, right?!

So, we’ll make announcements here, update the song list, and post future gigs. Check us out on our Facebook site as well – you can find us at the Facebook page More Cowbell in Cincinnati.

Thanks for stopping by! Look forward to seeing you at a future gig!